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Worship Pre-Textfessional – Feb 24

Anyone with more experience than me what to fill me in on what happened to me this week? For some reason, this Sunday’s song selection surprises me yet seems right on. I mean it’s not exactly what I would choose…but I did. Obviously, there’s something supernatural about being a Worship Leader that I’ll never be able to explain, this weekend being one of them…and it’s not even here yet!

  • PreludeRescue is Coming or Here is Our King – David Crowder*Band
  • Let Everything That Has Breath – E – Redman
  • You Are So Good to Me – G – Third Dayish version
  • Lead Me to the Cross – A – United
  • Shout to the Lord – A – Hillsong
  • Post CommunionCome Thou Fount into Amazing Grace and back again – Drop D – Crowderish version

I mean yeah there’s a process and discussion and preparation and review that happens before I get to this point but I’m still surprised with half of these but excited to see how they’ll turn out!

In a nutshell this weekend’s selection went down like this:

  1. Discussion over what this weekend’s topic would be and Come Thou Fount and Amazing Grace are both great topical songs. We do a version that combines the two: no brainer.
  2. Because of the musicians this week and frequency of the last time played, I really wanted to do Lead Me to the Cross or Mighty to Save. Shout to the Lord was brought up by a guest vocalist for an idea and I like the way it follows Lead Me… so I decided on those 2, even though I downright despise playing Shout… but hey, it’s not always about me so I’m cool with it.
  3. I wanted an old familiar tune that the congregation loves and I like the way You Are So Good To Me ends thematically and thought it led into Lead Me… quite well.
  4. Why oh why did LETHB pop into my head? It’s not a favorite of mine, not a favorite of the band’s, we haven’t done it in ages but for some reason I just couldn’t shake it. But I really like the way it starts the morning. I just don’t understand how it got there.
  5. The prelude was amidst everything else. HIOK is the default but I really, really, REALLY want to give Rescue a go and see if we can pull it off without loops and zaniness. I’ll let you know.



Passion – God of This City The New Stuff

As far as the “new” stuff goes here are my thoughts:

Tomlin’s God of This City & Sing, Sing, Sing – I really appreciate God of This City. It’s anthematic and I like that Tomlin’s using someone else’s material. He did it with previous releases Awesome is the Lord and Indescribable and I imagine it’s so he stays fresh and dodging the rut bullet (unless that’s too late.) Sing, Sing, Sing isn’t as bad as Party but not his finest. It grows on me.

Christy’s Hosanna – If there are angels among us, one of them is Christy Nockels. My word, her voice is like butter! However, this is a song that proves my point of why guitar solos matter in worship. The bridge for me dies a bit. I don’t know if it’s because I know what United does there and it excites the bejezums out of me or what but I loose a bit when Christy’s not singing there.

Kristian’s Beautiful Jesus – At first I thought this would be a sappy love song just about Jesus and not Rachael, but it works. It’s the perfect prescription for a Praise and Worship song too! With acoustic, drums, and bass it’d be fine, with electric you’ve got all you need. It’s simple and great and full without all the extra hubub! Maybe the 1st one I do off this CD!!

Charlie’s Walk the World – I’d heard this one before at Thirsty so it wasn’t new but I have been waiting SO LONG for a copy of this song and I’m glad it’s here! I love Charlie’s new stuff! You Are God is basically new (if you don’t count the iTunes bundle) and these 2 songs are just perfect for me! I love them and love what Charlie and his band are doing!

Matt’s God of Our Yesterdays – Forgettable…I’m so sorry. I can’t make it all the way through. I just don’t get into it. I need to force myself I’m sure but it’s a big …ugh…to me. Probably the biggest let down of the CD. Dancing Generation has been just a great youth song that I love and Shine works wonders in the right situations but this one is…I don’t even know I can’t make it through it 😦

I’m sorry but I’m totally jonesing for more Crowder, more Fee, and more Stanfill on these Passion CDs. Even more of Charlie and Christy. I’m not sure why there was so few of that on this CD. I think you had at minimum 2 songs to cut: Dancing Generation and Amazing Grace to give us some of that. Even Let God Arise could have been left off. NOT that there’s anything wrong with any of those songs but it’d have been nice to get some more.

I’m at a loss this time though because I didn’t go to any of the events that this CD is supposed to capture. Maybe the songs I’m suggesting to cut really created those events. Regardless, it’s a good CD again done by the greatness of Passion. There are still many who don’t know of Passion and what’s going on and this CD is going to blow their minds…and I pray it does 🙂

Yes Lord, walking in the way of Your truth we wait eagerly for You. For Your name and Your renown are the desires of our heart! 

The 26:8 declaration. May that be the end result of this CD.


This Day in Music – God of This City Discussion

I’ve been slacking a bit with the new music territory but it seems finally most everyone’s up to date with the fact that Passion’s got a new release. So why not discuss it? I gave you the setlist and video options already but what do you think? I think I’m a bit too close to the Passion crew for my own good. I can’t stay satisfied with these releases because there’s nothing new and what is new isn’t worth getting the whole CD. I mean seriously we have only 5 new songs here (I’ll give you Kristian’s because he’s not as well known,) we have 4 songs that have been on multiple releases, and 4 songs that have been previously released.

  1. Let God Arise – Chris Tomlin
  2. You are God – Charlie Hall
  3. God of this City – Chris Tomlin
  4. O, for a Thousand Tongues to Sing – David Crowder*Band
  5. Hosanna – Christy Nockels
  6. Sing, Sing, Sing – Chris Tomlin
  7. Beautiful Jesus – Kristian Stanfill
  8. Walk the World – Charlie Hall
  9. We Shine – Fee
  10. God of our Yesterdays – Matt Redman
  11. The Glory of it All – David Crowder*Band
  12. Shine – Matt Redman
  13. Dancing Generation – Matt Redman
  14. Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone) – Chris Tomlin

All the previous released material was given a bit more gusto in the post-production or rerecorded but it’s still not enough. The one that stands out is what they did with You Are God. It really pops this time! For the Passion fan who isn’t obsessed and has all the previous releases I imagine this CD would be GREAT for them! It’s full and it does capture a real sense of what Passion’s doing. As Louie says, it captures a moment of Passion and gives it to you. However, I’m still thinking the highly favored Tomlin side of the equation is a bit much. Between Crowder, Fee, and Kristian we only get 4 tunes.

So what’d you think? I know the last full release fell on deaf ears by most. This seems like a noble attempt to rectify the situation. Did it work for you? Are you not SATISFIED?!?!

Total review of the new stuff coming up!

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