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What a Great Day for Music!

David Crowder*Band Remedy Live CD/DVD

Charlie Hall The Bright Sadness

Phil Wickham Singalong

Full reviews coming soon! Chris who?!?!?! Hahaha.


Crowder Captivates the Big Screen!

So Baton Rouge is tremendously LAME when it comes to quality entertainment I found out as Rae and I were joined by merely 2 great friends of ours tonight as we caught the Crowder concert in movie form at the Rave here in town. I’ll just say that hopefully, you were saving your money to rush out and purchase the new live CD/DVD that’s being released tomorrow morning!

IT IS WELL WORTH IT! It really was incredible tonight to experience all the Crowder yumminess while comfortably sitting in my seat, enjoying the surround sound, not having to cut my way threw the dense crowd for my potty break, not having to arrive early and jockey for a great position to then stand for the next 3 hours! What we find here in the DVD is what Passion’s become known for: incredibly well produced live footage! Almost to a fault I say, but incredibly well done. There are times where it teeters on what appears might be a live music video set to a studio recording with live crowd noises added in, the quality seems that great! I appreciate flubs and hiccups from time to time, especially in the live arena but that’s not such the case with most Passion recordings and neither is it here!

The surprising thing is how much banter is cut from the DVD. I remember there being much more playful banter on stage and with the crowd live and here it is reduced to some typicaly yet memorable moments from the concert. They’ve spliced together 2 live venues: New York and I dare you to guess….yes….that’s right….Atlanta 🙂
I actually called it at the beginning. I told Rae:

I bet you this is Atlanta!

Then Crowder busts out a, “How great is it to be in New York!” and she just snickered at me! Fortunately, we caught on that they have on 2 different outfits so I still had hope! Sure enough, later on Crowder busts out something like, “It’s so good to be back down here in the South!” and BINGO! I had my BOOYAH moment 🙂

Regardless, the live CD/DVD plays like a “best of” compilation of Crowder hits. The DVD is supposed to be chock full of goodies so if you haven’t pre-ordered it then I suggest you run out today and nab yourself a copy!

Let us bring the remedy!


The Remedy Club Tour Live CD + DVD

I knew this was coming but…my seat is wet…I just peed my pants…August 19th can’t get here quick enough!


Remedy Club Tour Recap Pt. 2

So, the nuts and bolts came out yesterday. 2 hours chock full of yummy greatness by the Crowder band! I’ve seen these guys countless times but I don’t think I’ve ever received a boat load of songs like this before! The guys are definitely changing things up a bit as well. Long gone are the days of the Chet Atkins acoustic vibe. Even  longer still are the traditional 3 guitar front led by Crowder, Solley, and Jack with violin goodness, foundational bass lines, and bwacked out drums. We now have a stage littered with lights and equipment like a rabid ADD musician threw up on stage with everything from megaphones to instruments to computers! Let’s begin shall we!

First the new addition: Mark is a fine stand in for Solley. Solley was my boy! I loved that guy. Mad guitar skills and bantering quips back and forth with Crowder made for an enjoyable night. Unfortunately, Mark had awful technical difficulties for about the first 5 songs with none of him coming through his ears. When things did get on board he was good to go lending great guitar tones and background vocals. Now Jack fills in for the witty banter but I see Mark fitting in quite well, much better than the brief stink Taylor filled in this past year. His Bad Cat rig is just that: bad!! Oh man, when it lit up my heart skipped a beat! Bad Cat head on a Bad Cat half stack. I didn’t get a great look at his gear, it looked like an Atom started the show off and then switched to maybe a PRS??? I definitely saw a Rickenbacker in there for “You Never Let Go” and it was so smooth!

Secondly, where does he get those toys!! Oh man, they are pulling out the stops this tour. It’s a double edged sword for me because on the one hand, they pull off a near flawless representation of the CDs recordings and I really like it when a band pulls out new creations on tour BUT on the other hand they pull off a near flawless representation of the CDs recordings and I mean SWEET LORD that is insane!! Simply insane!! Their endless supply of toys helps 🙂

  • Laptops galore! I think I counted 4 on stage with a 5th just off stage that someone was controlling.
  • Modded Guitar Hero guitar: Each button is a programmed chord for “Neverending” and since that song is only comprised of 4 chords it makes it perfect! Instead of creating a chord with your fingers and strumming he simply hits a button and strums 🙂 It’s actually genius!
  • Megaphones! 3 green banded megaphones were brought out in front of the 3 guitarist for them to yell the HEYS into for “We Won’t Be Quiet!”
  • New Green Keytar! For “Foreverandever” of course
  • 2 Rhodes: at least I know the front one was, I couldn’t tell what Crowder was playing on for “You Never Let Go”
  • Banjo
  • Jack’s Box o’ Wonder! Yeah I haven’t the slightest clue. Check out the pic below. It’s what created some wild craziness by literally the musician’s Jack-of-All-Trades!!
  • Crowder’s new baby! I don’t know what this is! Please check the pic. It is some sort of electric. I thought it might be an Anderson at first but it looks old and abused (kind of out of place amongst the Crowder Band’s gear) and has I believe 4 pegs on the top of the headstock and 2 on the bottom. It replaced the natural finish Crowdster and was used for the crazier songs by Dave.

Crowd engagement! I don’t know if Dave is incredibly well at this or we just all love them so much it doesn’t matter 🙂 There’s obviously a familiarity to them now that makes it easier. “Neverending” is the new “Foreverandever” which is the newer “No One Like You” that begins with getting the crowd to repeat back and sing along in the beginning and again later in the bridge. “Beautiful Collision” oh man do I still have hairs standing on the back of my new and arms from this one! is the new “Deliver Me” with just a crazy awesome let go raucousness that is still so unbelievable tight that I’m still stunned by! Just stunning! That’s a song that just nailed me off A Collision and was so satisfying to sing along to! The crazy go nuts ending was stellar! Just stellar! How bwack keeps time and does those stops and hits those crazy beats I’ll never know!

The cool thing was that they started the show off with the ending of A Collision with Lark and moved right into the opening 3 tunes of Remedy! Back to back to back! No banter, no nothing just those 4 songs setting the whole night up! It was intense and incredible at the same time. If you were sitting down (which no one was but Rae 🙂 then by the end of “Everything Glorious” you were about to just fall out of your seat from being drawn all the way in!
Then witty banter, happy birthday, and welcome and let’s sing together and get this night on! Then it just didn’t stop! Every time we thought, Oh this must be the last song, it wasn’t! And dynamically it just didn’t die down. From swooping electronica to quietly being led by the Rhodes, it worked like magic!

Lastly, be the remedy! Crowder was really big on this of course. It was inspiring to see his resolve for us not to simply gather together and sing some songs tonight. I mean worship broke out but he was all about something bigger. It was actually funny when the body guards were checking us to get in and began looking at my 2 bags of socks and towels, when they saw that we had brought donations like Crowder asked they knew right where to bring them and thanked me! I expected that from like the merch table workers but not the bouncers at the door! Before playing “Remedy,” he talked again about us doing something significant. He hand wrote out some info on where to give/serve/volunteer specifically in New Orleans and had guys passing them out as you walked in and out. Then before the closer he challenged everyone to simply be mindful of their spendings this Christmas. If that’s one thing we did, actually were responsible with our Christmas giving that could be a difference even. At the bottom of the pages were also sites linking you to Fair Trade organizations. It was pretty great.

So that was it in a nutshell…a big heaping nutshell but there was a lot happening. Don’t miss out on the Remedy Club Tour! Check the dates and try and make one!


Remedy Club Tour Recap Pt. 1

So the Remedy Club Tour kicked off tonight with Crowder and gang making their first stop to New Orleans, LA! What a night! Rae and I made it down to catch them and met up with one of my bestest friends to experience some amazing worship and incredible music! The House of Blues made for a really cool venue and the fact that they made it no smoking was divine! I’m totally whooped so I’ll recap the openers and give you the set list and then upload some pics as well as reviews tomorrow! There were so many golden nugget moments tonight! I’m giddy thinking about them all over again!

This tour’s lineup is almost exactly like Illuminate!

  • Previously opening openers: Mutemath
  • Tonight’s opening openers: The Myriad
  • Previously opener: Shawn McDonald on his Koa acoustic all by himself
  • Tonight’s opener: Phil Wickham with his 2 Taylors all by himself

So it was really weird. I remember hating Shawn McDonald and not even knowing him, b/c I mean sandwiching an acoustic guy between Mutemath and Crowder just isn’t fair! The Myriad were cool but they weren’t MuteMath, Phil was cool and way better than Shawn! The Myriad were real experimental and did crazy cool stuff and I totally dug them! Phil’s presence on the acoustic was insane! And his crowd engagement was amazing! I’m real tempted to get his new CD. He did acoustic worship the way it should be done. He didn’t hold back and truly rocked out a few tunes all by himself on his Taylor and then pulled it back and made it nice and melodic when he needed to. Real good stuff!

Then we get to the big boys! And wow, I’m not kidding. Show started at roughly 7 and Crowder started at 8:20. So between set changes and everything they shared a little under an hour and a half and then crowder blew us away for a bit over 2 hours with 16 songs! Here they are:

  1. Lark Ascending or (perhaps more accurately, I’m trying to make you sing)
  2. Oh, the Glory of it All
  3. Can You Feel It
  4. Everything Glorious
  5. Neverending
  6. Here is Our King
  7. You are My Joy
  8. We Won’t Be Quiet
  9. Foreverandever…
  10. Beautiful Collision
  11. You Never Let Go
  12. Remedy
  13. I Saw the Light
  14. No One Like You
  15. Oh Praise Him
  16. Surely We Can Change

Green = Sunburst Crowder Acoustic
Red = ??? (That’s a surprise for tomorrow!)
Blue = Guitar Hero Guitar Mod (Definitely more on that tomorrow!!)
Orange = Keytar
Black = Rhodes (I think, I need to examine my pics)

All I’ll say for now is that the Twins have been broken up 😦

Until I get the photos off the Sony camera I borrowed from Rae’s best friend Ali, enjoy these lil beauties from my iPhone 🙂

No Smoking + No photos -                                                 The best wife ever

Had to take a picture of the “No Photography” sign as well as Rae 🙂

Phil Wickham                                                 Never a good sign

Yeah so the zoom is non-existent! And that’s the sign on the Women’s Bathroom door! Oh I died laughing!!!


Here Comes the Remedy!!


New Orleans or bust! Goodies and reviews tomorrow!!!


Remedy is HERE in LA!!

Remedy is Here


Tomorrow night at 7 the House of Blues down in New Orleans will shake like never before! I can’t wait. Expect a full review and hopefully some pics come Thursday!

Less than 24 hours!!

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