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The riverkidstuf promo video is here! Check it out!

Spread the word! riverkidstuf is this weekend and the 1st Sunday of every month following!

I know I’m still in the amateur stage creating images in Powerpoint and saving them as jpegs but I am wickedly pleased with how this turned out!

and yes that is me in the black shirt 🙂


Orange Thoughts – What is KidStuf?

1st off – I know what KidStuf is. We’ve been doing RiverKidStuf at our church now for over a year and Rae and I lead the Worship Dance Team with fervent enthusiasm.

KidStuf is where parents and their children can come together for a unique worship environment that will give them a shared experience that they can discuss together during the week.

I just made that up on the spot because I think I get it. I say that to say that for the first time at a KidStuf I felt more like I was at the latest Disney on Ice or High School Musical or some other amazing production that also draws children and their parents. Now, I remember being in an overly critical mood that night because I was wickedly tired and so this isn’t so much a criticism of Orange‘s KidStuf but more of a warning to us as we bring back what we saw at Orange to our church.

The KidStuf at Orange was phenomenal. They were able to use just about every element of KidStuf to show us what is available if time were not a constraint and you had media and talented people at your disposal. I loved it! I want us to avoid the performance trap though.

Yes – let’s bounce around and jump and dance and engage those little 4th graders but not in a way that draws attention to me and the other singers. Let’s do it in a way that exuberantly portrays celebration to a big God. That was the 1 criticism I have on Orange‘s KidStuf but again, taking into account where and how it was done, I cut them some slack. I’ve been to KidStuf at NPCC and didn’t feel that way.

For our RiverKidStufs time is a problem for us so we have to examine carefully what it is we need to keep and what we need to cut. We try to be real intentional on using the elements that firmly nail that week’s bottom line and/or virtue over what might get the biggest laugh or be the coolest video session. Hopefully, it was the funniest element or coolest video but it’s not always.

Lastly, let’s make sure we clearly communicate what it is we’re bringing our families to. This is NOT another program for your kid, NOT a summer musical or VBS skit, NOT a place to drop your kids off while you have coffee and socialize with the other parents in the gathering area. This is potentially the most significant thing you and your child could do the entire week! It’s a time of worship and fun and teaching that you can carry with you until next Sunday and use it to talk about Jesus with your child!

I LOVE KidStuf. But what is it at your church? Make sure you ask that question before your next one.

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