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Coldplay Life in New Orleans

I witnessed the best concert I’ve ever been to Tuesday night as the culmination of my 30th birthday surprises ended at the New Orleans arena at the Coldplay concert! The show was moved up to 7pm which was only a half hour earlier than scheduled but seeing how we didn’t get out of there until after 11, I was thankful! This was one of the best line ups I’ve seen:

So we had our fare share of awesome accents – Australian, Irish, and British (actually distinct when you hear them 1 after another and the Irish was the best!) The bands were all talented. I kept telling Rae and Ali, if “they” are this good then Coldplay is going to be NUTS!! And they were!! For one of the world’s biggest rock bands they haven’t lost the ability to connect with members of their audience, even at a huge arena show!

Enough of my jibba jabba. Here are the boys kickin’ it in New Orleans:

Coldplay New Orleans 1Coldplay NO3Coldplay New Orleans 4

Here’s the video that helps that make sense, in case you haven’t seen 1 of the greatest music videos 🙂

And here are some of our pics:

DSC06694Coldplay YellowColdplay LoversChris Martin will Fix You

Here’s what made up their 2 hour masterpiece 🙂

  • Life In Technicolor
    Violet Hill
    In My Place
    Glass Of Water
    Cemeteries Of London
    Fix You
    Strawberry Swing
    God Put A Smile Upon Your Face (techno version)
    Talk (techno version)
    The Hardest Part (Chris piano)
    Postcards From Far Away (piano instrumental)
    Viva La Vida
    Green Eyes (acoustic)
    Death Will Never Conquer (acoustic – Will vocals)
    I’m A Believer (Neil Diamond Cover – acoustic)
    Viva La Vida (remix interlude)
    Lovers In Japan
    Death And All His Friends
    The Scientist
    Life in Technicolor ii
    The Escapist (outro)

John Mayer Live – Set list in Houston, TX

In front of a sold out crowd at the Woodlands Pavilion in Houston, TX, John Mayer threw his heart, soul, and body onto the stage song after song after song! I love making CDs of the concerts I go and keeping track of the set list has become something I’m a bit OCD at. Here you have John Mayer’s set list for the Woodlands show: 


  1. Waiting on the World to Change
  2. Why Georgia
  3. Crossroads
  4. I Don’t Trust Myself (With Loving You)
  5. Wheel -> Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
  6. Bigger Than My Body
  7. Mercy
  8. Free Falling -> You don’t know what it’s like (To be king)
  9. Good Love
  10. I’m Gonna Find Another You -> Stitched Up
  11. Stitched Up
  12. Belief
  13. Gravity




  1. Vultures
  2. Songs from Posters in the Audience
  3. Say


It was an insane show! Full of energy and enthusiasm. John even thanked the crowd many times because we were so willing and encouraging for their jam-banding at times. It was purely incredible! 

It’s 1:02AM and we’re heading to the 9AM Ecclesia service so I’ll catch you up on the rest tomorrow but I’ll leave you with this: 


Worship Pre-textfessional Jan 27th

I’ve got to get better at these. They’re so much fun, I keep wanting to do more but don’t get around to it and therefore never do anything. That’ll stop soon:

  • Oh, for a 1,000 Tongues to Sing – G – Crowderesque
  • Forever – A – Tomlinesque
  • All Creatures 2 – D – Crowderesque from Illuminate
  • Lead Me to the Cross – A – Hillsong United
  • Post communion – Holy is the Lord – G or A (haven’t decided yet) – Tomlin

On paper, I’m much more ashamed of my choices. I should probably do this way out in the beginning of the week. I might choose differently.


Remedy Club Tour Recap Pt. 1

So the Remedy Club Tour kicked off tonight with Crowder and gang making their first stop to New Orleans, LA! What a night! Rae and I made it down to catch them and met up with one of my bestest friends to experience some amazing worship and incredible music! The House of Blues made for a really cool venue and the fact that they made it no smoking was divine! I’m totally whooped so I’ll recap the openers and give you the set list and then upload some pics as well as reviews tomorrow! There were so many golden nugget moments tonight! I’m giddy thinking about them all over again!

This tour’s lineup is almost exactly like Illuminate!

  • Previously opening openers: Mutemath
  • Tonight’s opening openers: The Myriad
  • Previously opener: Shawn McDonald on his Koa acoustic all by himself
  • Tonight’s opener: Phil Wickham with his 2 Taylors all by himself

So it was really weird. I remember hating Shawn McDonald and not even knowing him, b/c I mean sandwiching an acoustic guy between Mutemath and Crowder just isn’t fair! The Myriad were cool but they weren’t MuteMath, Phil was cool and way better than Shawn! The Myriad were real experimental and did crazy cool stuff and I totally dug them! Phil’s presence on the acoustic was insane! And his crowd engagement was amazing! I’m real tempted to get his new CD. He did acoustic worship the way it should be done. He didn’t hold back and truly rocked out a few tunes all by himself on his Taylor and then pulled it back and made it nice and melodic when he needed to. Real good stuff!

Then we get to the big boys! And wow, I’m not kidding. Show started at roughly 7 and Crowder started at 8:20. So between set changes and everything they shared a little under an hour and a half and then crowder blew us away for a bit over 2 hours with 16 songs! Here they are:

  1. Lark Ascending or (perhaps more accurately, I’m trying to make you sing)
  2. Oh, the Glory of it All
  3. Can You Feel It
  4. Everything Glorious
  5. Neverending
  6. Here is Our King
  7. You are My Joy
  8. We Won’t Be Quiet
  9. Foreverandever…
  10. Beautiful Collision
  11. You Never Let Go
  12. Remedy
  13. I Saw the Light
  14. No One Like You
  15. Oh Praise Him
  16. Surely We Can Change

Green = Sunburst Crowder Acoustic
Red = ??? (That’s a surprise for tomorrow!)
Blue = Guitar Hero Guitar Mod (Definitely more on that tomorrow!!)
Orange = Keytar
Black = Rhodes (I think, I need to examine my pics)

All I’ll say for now is that the Twins have been broken up 😦

Until I get the photos off the Sony camera I borrowed from Rae’s best friend Ali, enjoy these lil beauties from my iPhone 🙂

No Smoking + No photos -                                                 The best wife ever

Had to take a picture of the “No Photography” sign as well as Rae 🙂

Phil Wickham                                                 Never a good sign

Yeah so the zoom is non-existent! And that’s the sign on the Women’s Bathroom door! Oh I died laughing!!!

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