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Purge Update

I must say: this new system of using Google Reader is far superior than my previous one! Tada:

GReader update

I’ve been able to keep my Locals and Red folders under 20 unread posts a day! That’s awesome. And some of those 12 are posts I’ve starred and kept unread so I’m actually even further ahead than that. This has been SO much better than keeping them in folders by their styles or categories. Using order of importance, the blogs that I’m most interested in and people I’m in the most community with get read nearly every day (so far this week! Ha.)

NOW the downside of this system is that gaping 183 in the Green folder. Those I’m not the most in community with are getting left behind. I want to take an evening and truly purge that folder by either adding them to another folder or deleting them all together.

Do you have a system? Am I anal?

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