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Sunday Setlist Aug. 30th – “BEST” Ever!

So this week I was terribly busy prepping for leading worship at River and for our normally scheduled youth activities then we got the rest of the equipment for the FireStudio and wanted to install and set that up as well. SO CRAZY! I think most of my struggle came from wanting to do what I wanted to do for music on Sunday instead of shutting up and listening to the Spirit lead me because once I did that everything came together! Here’s how it went down:

True Love – Phil Wickham – E
Happy Day – Tim Hughes – C

Morning Music:
O, for 1,000 Tongues to Sing – Crowder – G
How He Loves – Crowder – A
I Love You Lord – ??? – D
Jesus Paid it All – Kristian Stanfill – A

Offertory: Your Name – Phil Wickham’s version with Paul Baloche – G

Communion: None But Jesus – Hillsong – C

Closing song:
In Christ Alone – Matt Papa – E

So…YEAH…that’s a lot of songs for us! But it was terribly fun. The team killed too! We just had electric, bass, drums, 2 backing vocals, and I swapped from acoustic to electric and back. The two backing vocals were students and I actually had picked None But Jesus for them to sing together for Communion and when we got to practice once said “OH, I LOVE that first acoustic song on there!” So I had them sing True Love as well 🙂 It was awesome seeing these two girls take it on like that!

The next thing you might notice are keys. This past year not leading worship, I’ve really become aware of how a key can kill any idea of me singing on Sunday morning or promote me to really sing out. I also noticed that when I just show up to church, I haven’t warmed up or practiced or done anything to help promote my ability to sing THEREFORE when I lead I need to be uber-aware that I’m singing with a bunch of people just like that! So I dropped the keys for How he Loves, Jesus Paid it All, and In Christ Alone. I’ve got to say, I was pretty anxious about that decision and whether the songs would sound flat or dull but they didn’t and it proved to be a great decision because WOWZERS I heard people singing out!

Lastly, the theme of the morning was where God really showed up! We had a guest preacher this week and that’s always hairy because while my advice was to “pick songs on the name of Jesus and the transforming power of His name. And I’d really like Your Name done” that’s a real wide berth to operate under. However, the songs and the message were 1 huge arrow pointing towards Jesus and it was like we sat down side by side and handpicked all the songs together to highlight portions of his message. I guess we did by allowing the Holy Spirit to work us 🙂
I had 2 “themes” I was working: the love of Jesus showcased by 1,000 Tongues and How He Loves that transferred into a response song with I love You Lord and focused on the cross: Jesus Paid it All. What was ridiculous was how perfectly that set everything up and In Christ Alone was a great exclamation point for the day.

I’m still reeling on the morning and how it went but I’ve rambled long enough. More on that this afternoon.

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Christian Music leaves me…dumbfounded

I’m a critical person. By nature I suppose, maybe it’s why Human Resources was so intriguing to me in College. Feedback + People = Super fun. I get into trouble with it here though in my blog because we don’t like to think critically about things that have “Christian” labels. Well here I go again because I’ve got another case of the reds!

Last year, By the Tree released a “Best of” project. Initially, I was surprised because the By the Tree that is on the radio now is not the By the Tree I fell in love with back with Invade My Soul. So, with the band’s line-up changes and different creative direction for sound I was curious how they could compile a “Best of” CD and what would be found on it? The name said it all: Beautiful One – The Best of By the Tree. For those of you who may not know, the song Beautiful One (title track to said “Best of” CD) is not even a song written by the band! If memory serves me correctly it’s a Tim Hughes song. A Tim Hughes song that By the Tree covered after Jeremy Camp already covered it from Tim Hughes! I only thought I was disgusted by this and then I noticed another Best of CD released just a few weeks ago.

May 27, Tree63 releases Blessed Be Your Name – The Hits. Blessed Be Your Name might be a bit more familiar to you because back in 2005 there was a CD released called Blessed Be Your Name: The Songs of Matt Redman. You might also be familiar a couple other of Matt’s songs, namely All Over the World and Nothing But the Blood. Tree63 is actually counting on it because they are also found here on Tree63‘s lists of “hits.”

Please, sincerely I implore you, find me another genre of music or band that could get away with this! I don’t know if it’s truly offensive or just plain lazy? Or if even it’s the bands fault? Although if it was the dastardly record label’s thought, who stole the band’s cahones? Since when do we congratulate, life up, exult and encourage Cover Bands by giving them Best of CDs?!?! YES all these songs are good songs but for crying out loud Tree63 didn’t you even get the memo that Matt Redman already named a Best of CD Blessed Be Your Name?!?! WE DID!

I’m officially getting rid of all bands with the word “Tree” in them from my iTunes library and any further purchases, playing, reviewing, suggesting on Last.FM, etc. and will google the record labels with whom promotes these 2 to see who else not to support.


Easter at RCC

Yeah I know we’ve all finally decompressed from Easter but I just enjoyed the mess out of Easter and I’d like to get back into the swing of my Worship Confessionals. With our worship leader candidates coming in, I don’t have the opportunity much to enjoy these.  The most important thing that God showed me again because for some reason I need to be reminded over and over again, is that even in the best laid plans and the ones that fall to pieces, He is in control! It’s a pretty special thing to truly feel that and definitely a wonderful thing to remember and know it!  My intentions for Sunday were as planned:

  • Nice full band! – Drums, bass, keys, 3 guitars, 2 male lead vocalists, 2 female vocalists!
  • Special music! – Tim Hughes’ Happy Day as a prelude & Rich Mullins/Third Day’s Creed
  • Maximum spread on style! – Hymns, new music, old music, everyone’s happy!
  • Special video! – Amena Brown slaying us with the great news of the Resurrection!

So when that week went down like this:

  • Keys player botching rehearsal night and not able to make it.
  • Guest musician’s family gets sick and there goes extra guitar, female vocalist, & additional male vocalist.
  • Drummer gets in an auto accident the day before.
  • We’re not doing Creed because of time constraints.
  • It doesn’t appear we’re covering various styles because even though we’re doing the lyrics of the hymns and older songs I’ve totally used revamped versions or created a modern musical tapestry that strips the old comfortableness away from them.

I was feeling a bit downtrodden! A bit unsure of myself and what was going to happen on High Holy Sunday! I even spewed forth my uneasiness here on the blog!

But Easter came and it was amazing what God does. So our band wasn’t huge, it was full though. We nixed Creed but I’ve heard great things about our opener and about the arrangements of the songs we chose. Love, love, love for Amena Brown and her ministry! And worship happened! I tried to honor God through preparation and attempting to maximize our resources at our church and it didn’t happen. I’ve been encouraged and inspired and motivated by what some of you did for Easter. It wasn’t us this year. But it didn’t matter. God was glorified and celebrated and it was His name that we sung about that morning. We played skillfully and joyfully. I lost myself in worship quite a number of times that morning. I saw people responding. I felt like we did the most with what we were given and to those who know nothing else, they would never have known the struggles we had during the week. As far as they could tell, it was exactly as we intended.

To God be the glory!



We just completed practice for Easter Sunday. I think that is the response I’m going to get this Sunday. It’ll be said behind smiling faces as well as grimacing faces. I’m really confused and my head is telling me I just ruined Easter at River but my heart is telling me this is going to be the best Easter ever! (You should know I’ve only ever done 2 other Easters in the history of me being a worship leader so “best ever” is kind of relative.) Here’s what is going down:

  • Happy Day – Tim Hughes: slammin’, rockin’, awesome
  • Joyful, joyful we adore Thee – DC*B arranged, Charlie Hall performed: we’ve done this one many times already but it again is pretty slammin’
  • In Christ Alone – Matt Papa’s version: incredible tune and very dynamic but ends…you guessed it: slammin’
  • You’re Beautiful – Phil Wickham: gorgeous song and again is very dynamic but for the most part is pretty mellow-ish
  • Wonderful Cross – Robbie Seay’s version: verses are small and choruses are big. Some would probably use the word “slammin'”
  • Amena Brown Resurrection video – Definitely current, modern, new and fresh.
  • Christ the Lord is Risen Today – Conner Byrd’s interpretation thanks to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs drummer: exactly the same melody everyone is familiar with but with a cool stutter drum beat. Some would probably use the word “rockin.'” I wouldn’t but it’s definitely a bit more in your face with the presence of the drums.

So my brain says:

  • Geez Conner can’t you leave anything well enough alone? Why do you have to screw up the golden oldies? Why can’t you just leave them the way they are. Everyone who likes those songs likes them the way they were and now you’ve just meddled with greatness. Thanks for ruining Easter!

But my heart says:

  • Man this is soo great! Look, we’re doing 3 hymns this weekend and if hymns were done this way when I was growing up maybe I’d be more into hymns! What a great collaboration of the old and the new! Those 2x a year attenders are going to eat this stuff up! I can’t wait for Easter!

Then my brain reminds me:

  • What a dumb setlist! The chord progressions for You’re Beautiful and Wonderful Cross are EXACTLY THE SAME! The tinkering in Happy Day and Wonderful Cross are basically THE SAME! The shuffle beat you love happens in 2 songs! Geez what a bland and boring service this is going to be!


  • Oh man that cool little tinkering guitar tone is sprinkled everywhere! Awesome! This version of Wonderful Cross is new and is going to spark new interest in a song we’ve done time and time again! Awesome! Christ the Lord is Risen… it like a new song! AWESOME! We’ve got the best of both worlds! AWE-SOME!

Somewhere inside me I don’t know if I’ve just created the service I wanted so badly or the one that River wants? I mean I know I’m the Worship Leader but I think this is what makes it so difficult because I do know that there are people in our congregation who will totally think I ruined Easter. They’ll probably assume I’m being self-indulgent and selfish and this is my way of tossing up the middle finger on my way out as Worship Leader. The crazy thing is that the worship planning team told me that Joyful, You’re Beautiful, and Happy Day were green lights! They asked me to try and do Christ the Lord is Risen… even after I told them it wouldn’t be traditional and led on the keys. At this point however, I don’t know what else to do. Tomorrow is Thursday and Easter is 3 days away. I’ve worked really hard already on all this stuff that to toss one would be painful…ugh…

Is this how Holy Week goes for everybody else?


Incredible Easter Ideas…

If you’ve got something incredible happening then it’s already planned and I’d love to hear it! If you haven’t then maybe you could use some creative help. I’d love to hear what ya’ll are doing. I think this is the coolest thing about blogging, finding out what others in places that I have no physical connection to, I hope you join the discussion.

We’re still trying to refine what we’ve got going on but here’s what we’re doing:

  • Maundy Thursday – Seder Family Dinner
  • Good Friday – Showing The Passion of the Christ
  • Saturday – Easter Egg Hunt and Family Brunch
  • Easter Sunday – we’ve got some special music, I think we’ll do Tim Hughes’ Happy Day as a prelude. I’ve been dieing to introduce it and I think this would be a great time to do that. We’re also using this Amena Brown video called Resurrection. If you haven’t heard of Amena Brown yet you are missing out! She is SICK! Creative spoken word artist is the best way I know how to describe her. Go get floored and pick up her EP. We have some baptisms which are always special. But I’m still looking for that one thing to do. Our pastor just had a brain burp with a new idea for what he could preach on so we’re kind of at bay until he decides which direction he wants to go in.

So what are you doing? What would you like to do? What have you not figured out?

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