Heads Up 7up

I loved that game as a kid. I get to do it at our Summer Camp Mission trip.
Well, tomorrow: HEADS UP! Because the Joint is hot and we’re into giveaways! So stay tuned for another triple review from Klampert, Alastair, and yours truly and toss in a comment, you know anything and be entered into another fantabulous giveaway!


Kari Jobe’s CD-ROM Digital Songbook including (for each song, see song list below):
* OHT (Overhead Transparency) PDF files
* Lead Sheets
* Pro Charts (Chord Charts)
* RTF (Rich Text Files for importing into projection programs)

NOTE: The CD-ROM Digital Songbook includes printable music only, does not include audio recordings.
Songs included
I’m Singing
Everyone Needs A Little
My Beloved
Singing Over Me
No Sweeter Name
Be Still
Sweep Me Away
Revelation Song
You Are For Me

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1 Response to “Heads Up 7up”

  1. March 18, 2009 at 2:37 pm

    ooo nice touch with the missed reviews section..I like it..

    I created a page for every review I do now..on my site..the joint and TWC

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