Calling Texas!

In 8 hours I’ll venture on my first ever “tour!” It’ll be a mini tour at that, but if you’re in Texas then head’s up! On the side I play lead guitar for a fine musician by the name of Lindsay Rae Spurlock. Here’s the shindig:

  • Wednesday night – House Party “We made it celebration” to play and watch the big debut of Lindsay’s music on MTV’s Real World Brooklyn! Tune in and check it out! Screams and hollers will be coming from Austin!
  • Thursday night – Shak-a-Ton Event on Texas A&M’s campus in College Station
  • Friday night – Fort Worth at Lola’s Saloon
  • Saturday night – Dallas at The Cavern

So if you’re close by drop in and say Hello! I’ll be blogging frequently of the tour and hopefully doing some video journaling! We’re going to be big I tell you!!! Isn’t everything bigger in Texas? That’s what they tell me.

1 Response to “Calling Texas!”

  1. April 1, 2009 at 4:28 pm

    Sweet man! Congrats!

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